Tournament edition

I'm planning to submit this game, originally created for MiniLD 74 ("The Co-op Jam"), to the first Alakajam tournament in May. This means a few changes are in order: introducing Cooperoids: Tournament Edition (ooooh).

As it stands, it's an okayish game: it has SFX and good music; the gameplay is decent enough; the graphics are... well, they just about qualify as graphics. But I've decided to release an improved version for the event, and since the new version will be single-player only, I figured I'd release it alongside the existing one.

Some parts will definitely need to change: the score isn't really visible except while you're playing, making it hard to actually take note of your score (a problem for this tournament as it's based on screenshot evidence). I've also fixed several issues with the SFX (long story short, it used to be procedurally generated, which was kinda cool, but I've replaced most effects with nicer, pre-created ones). Then there's also the graphics, which I felt could be improved without too much effort.

Finally this new edition will be a bit more difficult, and hopefully more exciting: just what you want for a score-based competitive tournament game. The tournament starts in May, so expect to see the new version out soon!

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